Featured Partner: The Association for Affordable Energy

The Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. is dedicated to achieving energy efficiency in new and existing buildings in order to foster and maintain affordable and healthy housing and communities, especially those of low income.  AEA representatives engage in a broad range of educational, technical and construction management activities and services to promote this mission and develop the industry that advances and sustains it. Continue reading Featured Partner: The Association for Affordable Energy

Featured Energy Consultant: Gilleran Energy Management

Gilleran Energy Management is an accomplished, results-oriented energy management company with over twenty years of broad-based experience in energy engineering and management. Staff have exceptional analytic, planning, and organizational abilities coupled with excellent leadership, interpersonal and communication skills. Gilleran has a sound reputation for commitment to the highest standards in both technical specialties and professional relations. Continue reading Featured Energy Consultant: Gilleran Energy Management

New Combustion Safety Testing Procedure

Promoting and ensuring safety is a core mission of the Multifamily Upgrade Program (MUP). In order to provide the highest level of resident safety, MUP has updated our combustion safety testing procedure to more closely align with PG&E’s Natural Gas Appliance Testing (NGAT) procedure. PG&E’s NGAT procedure accounts for issues most often found in PG&E territory (climate, types of appliance most often used, etc.), while aligning with other third-party implementation programs. Continue reading New Combustion Safety Testing Procedure

2018 MUP Partner Awards

The Multifamily Upgrade Program (MUP) is proud to recognize the achievements of our participating contractors, consultants, and energy raters during the 2018 program year. MUP’s partners are crucial to the program’s success, and we cannot thank our partners enough for delivering energy savings and improved safety and comfort to properties and their residents. Continue reading 2018 MUP Partner Awards