Case Study: Virginia Lane Apartments

Rehabs are a great opportunity to add value with energy efficiency

Eden Housing maintains a large portfolio of affordable housing projects in California. The property needed upkeep and extensive renovations due to aging and deferred maintenance. To help with funding, they chose to take advantage of both the California Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program (TCAC) and the PG&E Multifamily Upgrade Program (MUP). Continue reading Case Study: Virginia Lane Apartments

Case Study: Canyon View Apartments

MUP Helps Canyon View Apartments Expand Its Waitlist

Located in Colfax, Canyon View Apartments is a low-income senior living center, which has historically enjoyed high occupancy rates. With happy residents and functional building systems, it may be surprising that such a complex would consider energy efficiency upgrades. But Nicholas Tufano, director of construction at Preservation Partners Development, saw an opportunity in Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) Multifamily Upgrade Program to modernize decades-old building materials, fixtures, and appliances.

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