Water and Energy Nexus

While California’s 2017 drought may be receding into memory, property owners should still prioritize water cost control in multifamily buildings. In addition to the cost of water, the energy used to heat water makes up, on average, 15 percent of a property’s utility bills. In addition, during hot summer months, water use due to landscaping, pools, and spas increase, and so do water and sewer costs. Reducing water use presents an opportunity for multifamily properties to conserve water and reduce spending on both water and energy.

The following are three ways in which your property can take control of water costs.

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Featured Energy Consultant: E3 California

E3 California (E3) is a full-service energy consulting and sustainability planning firm specializing in multifamily and mixed-use developments for both affordable and market-rate sectors. E3 ensures a project’s sustainability and energy goals align with your budget and provide a plan for navigating the complexities inherent to building codes and programs.

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Featured Contractor: Bright Power

A MUP participating contractor since 2016, Bright Power is a leading provider of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy management solutions for the real estate industry. They use their Find-Fix-Follow approach to Find the best opportunities across a real estate portfolio, deploy the Fixes on specific assets, and Follow to ensure long-term value, always optimizing for their clients’ financial and sustainability goals.

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Home Energy Management Systems

Home energy management systems (HEMS) allow for monitoring, measuring, and controlling multiple end uses including appliances, HVAC, hot water equipment, and plug loads throughout the home. Note, HEMS can refer to a standalone technology, such as a singular smart thermostat, or a suite of interconnected components. A HEMS provides homeowners a high degree of control over energy use in the home, and allow homebuilders to market units as energy efficient and green.

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Financing Options: Fannie Mae’s Multifamily Green Financing

Energy efficiency, through lower utility bills, is an investment with both immediate and long-term rewards. To encourage energy efficiency retrofits, some financial institutions started creating financing options specifically for multifamily property owners who are looking to invest in their properties.

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