Water Saving Devices

How to save energy and money while reducing water use

California’s growing population, coupled with last year’s recent, historic drought, makes water conservation a priority for the state. With future water costs in flux and the threat of drought always a factor, it makes sense for properties to get ahead of the curve and reduce water use. Luckily, there are many devices available to reduce property-wide water use.

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Energy Conservation Through Messaging

How you can encourage residents to reduce energy use

While residents often pay their own utility bills, many multifamily properties offer perks such as use of common areas and paid water bills. When properties pay for energy and residents control use, it can be difficult to achieve savings. However, promoting energy conservation can help properties lower utility bills. Here are some tips to encourage your residents to save.

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PG&E’s Time-of-Use Rates Scheduled for 2019 – Is Your Property Ready?

What are time-of-use rates?

Time-of-use rate plans allow utilities to charge different rates according to the time of day, season, and day type (weekday or weekend/holiday). The utility charges higher rates during peak demand hours and lower rates during off-peak hours. In conjunction with higher prices during peak demand during the day, time-of-use rates normally feature higher rates in summer and lower rates in winter. This is to encourage the most efficient use of the grid, avoid black and brownouts, and reduce the maximum demand on the grid.

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PG&E Opens On-Bill Financing Program to Multifamily Properties

Multifamily properties are now eligible for PG&E’s on-bill financing program. Traditionally reserved for commercial and industrial facilities, on-bill financing offers zero-interest loans for energy efficiency retrofits. PG&E provides the loan directly to customers, who may use the loan to pay for building materials, equipment, appliances, and installation costs.

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