New Combustion Safety Testing Procedure

Promoting and ensuring safety is a core mission of the Multifamily Upgrade Program (MUP). In order to provide the highest level of resident safety, MUP has updated our combustion safety testing procedure to more closely align with PG&E’s Natural Gas Appliance Testing (NGAT) procedure. PG&E’s NGAT procedure accounts for issues most often found in PG&E territory (climate, types of appliance most often used, etc.), while aligning with other third-party implementation programs.

What does the change mean for raters?

Raters who have met MUP’s required license requirements detailed in the MUP Rater Handbook (BPI Building Analyst, Envelope Professional, Energy Auditor, or passed PG&E’s NGAT training) will be able to complete said testing without additional training. If you intend on becoming a 2019 participating rater, please familiarize yourself with the new procedure, which is detailed beginning on page 19 of the Rater Handbook.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email