Home Energy Management Systems

Home energy management systems (HEMS) allow for monitoring, measuring, and controlling multiple end uses including appliances, HVAC, hot water equipment, and plug loads throughout the home. Note, HEMS can refer to a standalone technology, such as a singular smart thermostat, or a suite of interconnected components. A HEMS provides homeowners a high degree of control over energy use in the home, and allow homebuilders to market units as energy efficient and green.

HEMS Benefits

Depending on the type of device(s) and/or system(s), a HEMS delivers the following benefits:

  • Remote Access: provides immediate control over your networked energy systems via mobile devices
  • Schedule Equipment Operation: allows staff to set energy consuming systems to operate only when needed and at intensity levels set for optimal resident safety and comfort
  • Cost Savings: deliver immediate energy and cost savings, often with a very short simple payback

Smart Thermostats are now MUP-eligible

MUP projects can now claim savings from installations of eligible smart thermostats as a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) measure. In addition, MUP has partnered with Nest to provide Nest Thermostats at discounted pricing. Properties that feature gas-forced air furnace, electric-forced air furnace, heat pump, and central air conditioning are eligible for the incentive and discounted pricing. Contact MUP at NStephens@trcsolutions.com.

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