Featured Contractor: Bright Power

A MUP participating contractor since 2016, Bright Power is a leading provider of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy management solutions for the real estate industry. They use their Find-Fix-Follow approach to Find the best opportunities across a real estate portfolio, deploy the Fixes on specific assets, and Follow to ensure long-term value, always optimizing for their clients’ financial and sustainability goals.

Service Offerings:

Bright Power’s consulting services include energy benchmarking, energy audits, financial and technical feasibility analysis, grant/rebate assistance, green building consulting, and trainings for professionals and building managers. Their design and installation services include solar electric and solar thermal systems; heating, cooling and HVAC systems; lighting systems; construction management and commissioning. EnergyScoreCards is their benchmarking, energy management and measurement & verification (M&V) service. MoBIUS® is their real-time energy management service that drives ongoing operational efficiency.

Featured MUP Project: Cherrywood Apartments

In 2018, Bright Power helped Cherrywood apartments secure $718,800 in incentives for their property retrofit. Project highlights include:

  • Incentive: $718,800
  • Annual energy savings: 27 percent
  • Estimated payback: 1.7 years
  • Measures installed:
    • Domestic hot water and controls
    • In-unit and common area LED lighting
    • Low-flow showerheads
    • Low-flow faucet aerators

Contact Information:

Web: www.brightpower.com

Email: gsherman@brightpower.com

Phone: 415-363-0101