Introducing PG&E Multifamily Owner Services

On behalf of PG&E, TRC is offering Multifamily Owner Services, a no-cost single-point-of-contact service for multifamily property owners and managers who are seeking information and resources on:

  • Energy efficiency rebate and incentive programs
  • Distributed energy resource programs
  • Financing programs
  • Tax credit programs
  • Income-eligible (free and low-cost) programs

TRC can address program questions for both PG&E offerings and statewide offerings and will help guide you through the next steps. We identify opportunities on your behalf and can speak to a variety of money-saving programs and offerings, including how to leverage multiple funding sources. Through intake conversations and working with you to understand your properties’ goals and needs, we can refer you to various multifamily programs operating within PG&E territory, and gather feedback about these resources. If referred to another program, we will introduce you to members of the program team to have questions answered directly. TRC is also available to support you after intake, depending on your project needs and goals.

Navigating the multifamily market is no easy task—let us help you find solutions for your property. Call us today at 866-352-7457 to learn more.