Case Study: Virginia Lane Apartments

Rehabs are a great opportunity to add value with energy efficiency

Eden Housing maintains a large portfolio of affordable housing projects in California. The property needed upkeep and extensive renovations due to aging and deferred maintenance. To help with funding, they chose to take advantage of both the California Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program (TCAC) and the PG&E Multifamily Upgrade Program (MUP).

Required program safety testing discovered and solved a serious issue

MUP requires that each unit undergoes combustion appliance safety (CAS) testing after construction. The CAS testing at Virginia Lane revealed problems with back drafting and carbon monoxide spillage throughout the property—a big potential safety issue for residents!

Read more to find out how Eden Housing took advantage of MUP and TCAC to add energy efficient features throughout Virginia Lane Apartments and how combustion safety testing addressed a potential safety issue.