New Program Incentives for 2018

Beginning with the 2018 program, MUP now provides owner incentives for saving water and early completion of the project’s property assessment, and a contractor incentive for on-time project completion.

Early Project Completion Incentive

To encourage the on-time completion of projects, MUP will provide contractors (or the project team), $50 per unit for completing the project on, or before, the completion date documented in the incentive reservation letter. Projects that do not complete by the deadline are not eligible for this incentive.

Early Assessment Incentive

MUP now offers early incentive payments for projects that complete their property assessment within the following parameters. Successful projects must:

  • Submit an application and select a participating rater within 21 days of completing prequalification meeting
  • Complete an assessment review process within 90 days of submitting a program application
  • Submit all application materials before March 31, 2018

Note: Projects that complete prequalification prior to this announcement and apply between now and January 26 are also eligible for this incentive

Projects that successfully complete these steps in the timeframe specified above will receive 25 percent of the total assessment incentive up front. The program will pay this additional incentive amount at incentive reservation.

Water Performance Incentives

MUP now offers incentives for reducing water use. Projects that install three of the water-saving measures listed below will increase savings by at least one percent on the MUP incentive scale.

For example, if your project achieves 20% site energy savings, it qualifies for $750 per unit in upgrade incentives. By completing three water-saving measures, we will provide incentives at the 21% savings level, or $825 per unit.

Measure Requirements
Showerheads 75% of units
Aerators 75% of units
Toilets 75% of units
Turf replacement 75% of existing turf
Irrigation controllers 100% irrigated area
Rain barrels Installed per manufacturer’s specs

Note, devices that save hot water such as showerheads and faucet aerators are eligible for normal MUP energy reduction incentives in addition to the water-performance incentive mentioned above.

Please reach out to MUP staff via email at, or via phone at 866-352-7457 for any questions or concerns.