Survey Results: Incentives Promote More Ambitious Energy Retrofits

The Multifamily Upgrade Program’s tailored incentives and customized solutions, provided to every participating building, drives positive survey results

The Multifamily Upgrade Program collects surveys from participants as they complete construction. Of the projects that completed surveys in 2015, all communicated overwhelming satisfaction with the Program, and identified the most valuable Program offerings.

Survey Image

Valuable Program Offerings: Building owners and managers reported the following three program features as most valuable:  (1) Program incentives (up to $2,250 per unit), (2) upgrade installation quality control, and (3) hands-on technical assistance. The Program ensures that projects truly maximize efficiency, quality, and savings while providing efficiency solutions and technical assistance unique to each building.

Program Impact on Retrofits: Most often, owners and managers come to the Program looking to upgrade one or two aspects of their facility. However, by providing incentives for building inspection and technical consultation, the Program helps participants identify additional high-impact energy saving measures at the project’s outset. Participants then proceed with more measures than initially intended, securing additional savings while realizing their budget goals, preferred building aesthetic, and resident needs.

Program Satisfaction: All participants reported excellent, or very good satisfaction with the Program, and all reported that if given the opportunity, they would participate again.