AB802 Establishes a Benchmarking Policy for California

Multifamily owners now have easier access to whole-building energy use

When considering an energy retrofit of a multifamily building or buildings, performing benchmarking is an ideal start. Benchmarking provides a high-level summary of a building’s energy performance, compares the building’s performance against peer facilities nationwide, and, for owners with multiple properties, can help prioritize facilities for improvement.

In September 2015, California passed Assembly Bill 802 (AB802), which changes the requirements for utilities when releasing building performance data to owners and operators. Previously, for each individual meter in the building, owners and operators had to obtain a release from the meter’s tenant. With AB802, for buildings that have 5 or more individual meters, owners and operators can request whole building data directly from their local utility, without having to contact tenants.

Benchmarking identifies energy saving opportunities and more

Removing this hurdle makes performing and receiving the benefits of benchmarking easier than ever for California multifamily building owners and operators.


The California Energy Commission expects utilities to begin providing whole building data to customers beginning January 1, 2017.