How to Market Energy Efficiency to Prospective Residents

Make energy efficiency your marketing edge

When you make comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades through Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) Multifamily Upgrade Program, your building doesn’t just become more profitable—it becomes more marketable.

By effectively communicating the benefits of energy efficiency to existing and prospective residents, you can leverage your energy efficiency upgrades into a powerful tenant acquisition and retention tool.

How to market energy efficiency to prospective residents

Speak the resident’s language. When many residents hear the words “energy efficiency upgrades,” they simply think of building updates—without understanding how upgrades
impact their living situation. By framing benefits in simple, human language, you make it easy for prospects to understand what’s in it for them—which can ultimately result in higher demand for your property. Here are a few simple ways you can discuss upgrades in a resident-centric way:

How to Market

Prepare an elevator speech. An “elevator speech” is a 15-30 second sales pitch (that you
might give to someone if you were selling to them on a brief elevator ride) that quickly and succinctly summarizes benefits. An elevator speech can be especially useful when talking to potential renters about something as complex as energy efficiency upgrades—providing a “hook” that gets prospects interested, and opening the door for deeper conversation. Here’s an example of what yours could sound like:

“We recently completed energy upgrades on our building, and residents love the update results. Their rooms stay consistently warm, there are fewer drafts, common areas feel safer and more inviting, and people are saving on their energy bills. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly living.”

Spread the word through smart tactics. Once you have honed your message, you will
have to decide the most effective channels to relay it to residents and prospects. Here are a
few simple, easily executed and cost-effective tactics that you can use to get your message

  • Existing residents: Resident meetings, email blasts, posters and signage, common
    room flyers
  • Prospective residents: Web listings, website updates, email blasts, press releases,
    outdoor signage, flyers, advertising

Give your building a new way to stand out.